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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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a part of your supreme knight. s is next. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. the left-wing assault on american law enforcement agencies and the grand jury system has been officially joined, it seems, by the republican party. congresswoman cathy mcmorris rogers, chair of the house republicans conference along with how speaker john boehner is now calling for a congressional hearing into the death of actor garner and michael brown and the grand jury decision that cleared officers darren wilson and daniel pantaleo. >> certainly both of these are serious tragedies that we have seen in our society. and i think the american people would like to understand more what the facts were.
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and there are a lot of unanswered questions that americans have and that i have. i do think the american people deserve more answers about what really happened here and was our system of justice handled properly. lou: house leaders that are republican joined by george w. bush and told another network today that i thought how sad the verdict was hard to understand. it is sad that race continues to play such an emotional part of life. and on immigration amnesty, it turns out there may not be much difference between democrats and republicans after all, at least in her leadership republican leaders sailing under a false flag on the issue of illegal immigration. house rules committee chairman pete sessions is assuring democrats and republicans will push through full amnesty and 2015. >> is communities, we should
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create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work. and we're not one person is thrown out or deported. lou: the growing distrust of leadership among the republicans on the illegal immigration issue led to a secretive meeting between three conservative senate republicans and some of the house colleagues. senator mike lee, jeff sessions and david vitter met with a number of republicans in the office of congressman matt salmon's office last night. he joins us here in moments to reveal what was discussed. also here tonight is the white house refusing to deny that the president is seeking sanctions against principal allies in the middle east. a sign that already frigid relations between obama and
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netanyahu will not be following any time soon. >> bear reports that the administration is considering sanctioning israel over the settlements issue. and i'm wondering if you could say if that is true or false. >> i have been informed of some of these reports and what i can say is i'm not that i'm not going to talk about any kind of internal the liberations and inside the administration and certainly not inside the white house. lou: we begin with what the eric garner decision. major cities across the country are bracing for will be a third night of protests following the decision by a staten island grand jury not to press charges against new york city police department officer daniel pantaleo. the demonstrations going on in the face of facts showing civilian complaints against the nypd are actually declining. from the civilian complaint
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review board, the five months since eric garner has been killed, complaints have fallen 26%. senior correspondent rick leventhal has our report. >> several thousand people took to the streets of america's largest city on thursday night, some carrying cardboard coffins with the names of people killed by police officers. they clogged roads including the west side highway shutting down traffic at times on the manhattan bridges and the holland tunnel and skirmishing with police, leading to more than 220 arrests. there were large demonstrations and other big cities including boston. , san francisco and washington dc. with protesters insisting there is a pattern of abuse by white please officers towards blacks. including michael brown and ferguson, missouri. and air garner in new york. when he resisted, tran-nines use
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what appear to be a chokehold to take this man to the sidewalk where he died after telling officers that i can't breathe. words adopted by the demonstrators. the nypd is retraining 22,003 cops with reminders about controlling ego and adrenaline, suggesting more effective methods engaging the community and the mayor suggesting that racism is partially to blame. >> people need to know that black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives. what we so have to aspire to. reporter: but in an interview his daughter says while excessive force was used, she doesn't believe race had anything to do with her fathers that. and the president of the police union says the mayor is throwing officers under the bus. >> you cannot resist arrest. that leads to confrontation which leads to tragedy. tour there is a local report
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that the d.a. did not ask a grand jury to consider a reckless endangerment charge, only manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide which is tougher to prove. while processors here today and across the nation. lou: the daughter of eric garner says her fathers death was not racially motivated. erica maintained this quote, that this is not a black-and-white issue, it was about the officers tried and it was about my father being 6-foot 4 inches 350 pounds. and he wanted to be, you know, the top cop to bring sound this big man because he is big. joining us now is niger innis. the national spokesperson of racial equality and the executive director of the tea >> it's my pleasure to be here. lou: this is such a tragedy. in new york and in missouri. in your judgment, is this
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outright racial exploitation by principally the left in this country. >> there's no question about it. and by the way, i would not say that this extends to many of the peaceful protests all across this country. many of those folks are kids and they have issues and grievances that are independent from the agenda of the progressive elite crowd that is taking advantage of this and making what is becoming a bit of a racial hysteria with some isolated and terrible tragedies. let's say that this was an awful tragedy what occurred to eric garner in staten island. and his daughter and his mother -- they are gems on the earth,
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on how they are dealing with the tragedy and they are dealing with it with dignity and honor. but what happened in staten island is not what happened in ferguson, missouri. i went to ferguson and i met with people in the community black-and-white and the police chief and the mayor and i met with a liberal democrat they are that i don't agree with on a lot of issues, but we had a very civil engagement and i got a chance to learn more about the community and what happened to michael brown was quite a different situation than what happened in staten island. and you can say bluntly that it was still a tragedy and he's a young man that should not have lost his life, he could have turned his life around. but the clock started ticking on his life when he accosted that little indian-american clerk, and stole those cigarettes or
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sick relatives. lou: to your point, as you styled it, it is important for all of us to be aware of. over the course of the past 15 years as we are seeing these demonstrations and protests, at the center is independence and we have real grievances and are motivated by their desire to express their views simply without an agenda. but the reality is we look at this full screen. in the past 50 years the number of black americans killed by police has declined by 70%. but the numbers project a very clear picture. there is greater constraint and
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that includes the reality is that law enforcement and they are doing a macro job. would you agree? >> you are exactly right. what makes this particular statistic even more dramatic is that parallel to that phenomenon they speak for, crime has dropped precipitously over this. and at a time. so it's not like police are just throwing up their hands. they are protecting the public that they served and they are taking care of the bad guys and at the same time those individuals within the community that are in us and, you are finding much less incidence of contrary to most projections of the media, you are finding much
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less of a crisis between the police and the communities that they serve. lou: next week, al sharpton says that he's leading a march on washington dc that would be modeled on the civil rights marches of the 60s. >> i have seen how sharpton make this comparison and i have seen the attorney general of the united states compare what happened to michael brown and of course now the protesters are saying that it is shameful. and the congress is a 70-year-old rights organization that they talk about.
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and in many parts of the country we were treated as second-class citizens where you have laws on the book. and to compare that to a situation in ferguson, missouri. lou: go ahead and conclude his. >> well, and until was lynched in mississippi for whistling at a white girl. mr. brown, the clock started ticking on his life when he decided to commit a crime. lou: we have much more on the eric garner decision in the demonstrations that will follow, we will be talking with the former nypd bernard kerrick. stay with us.
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lou: things are getting intriguing on capitol hill. the department of homeland security and amnesty funding under five. meeting with a group of house republicans, david vitter pushing the executive amnesty fight into next year. my next guest is a part of that. congressman matt salmon, it's good to have you with us. >> it's great to be here. lou: what was that secretive meeting in what was a motivated by max. >> i don't know that it was all that secret, but the motivation was to do our job and that was to protect the constitution and defend congress.
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and by doing this illegal unconstitutional act, our job is to try to stop it. the speaker says that he would fight him tooth and nail. the one tool that the founding fathers gave us for a time such as this is the power of the purse. and this has been arguing and so we got 62 of the colleagues to the touch it. and there are colleagues in three short weeks. we are going to raise our hand to the square and promised to defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. well, this is a violation of the constitution and i think that this is an opportunity to put up or shut up and the option is to put up. lou: what is the speaker saying to you and what are you and your
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colleagues who are meeting on the issue going to do and contemplate about, given what your interpretation is? he hasn't said much, but there's not there is not much time to do much of anything, is there a max. >> honestly i think that since terry reed has left with the leadership on the table, and that includes the agencies that save us. >> i hate the term. >> it's a terrible term. but the fact is that he has offered to provide funding for what the president said for three months and i don't want to fund an unconstitutional act for one day and that violates the oath. i believe that is the constitution and so anyway, several other people will stand
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up and speak loudly and vote against it. but what i wanted to tell you is that i think that this is in because terry reed has left it, the president has blessed it. and even if there are 50 or so of us in the house that violently disagree with us, and are going to vote against a, they will still pass it with democratic votes. and so your listeners, i'm asking them to light up the switchboard at the capitol to let people know that they expect them to do their duties and defend the constitution. whether you support changes in immigration or you don't, this was a violation of the constitution and we expect you to do your job. keep your oath of office and uphold it. lou: corpsmen, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. lou: we asked whether your
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outraged at politicians and racial activist court refusing to acknowledge that both brown and eric garner would be alive if they would have obeyed the law enforcement officers. 96% replied in the affirmative. he sure to vote in tonight's poll. tonight's question is do you believe that leaving congress behind closed doors is working diligently in support of amnesty? cast your vote at so nasa says that we are one step closer to putting americans on mars after it successfully launched its new alliance spacecraft, 3600 miles into space, the capsule built for human beings has gone. >> three, two, one. lift off. the dawn of o'brien and the new era of american space.
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lou: coming up tonight, the country's most liberal mayor accusing his police department of racism out right. former nypd commissioner bernard kerrick joins us to discuss. and a few comments on what has become blessed attack against law enforcement agencies and officers. two incidents that involve one police officer whose actions resulted in the deaths of two black men.
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one in ferguson, the other in new york city. the left is exploiting these incidents to racial politics and serving a bald political purpose of the obama white house. the obama justice department and its leaders, air colder, leading the assault on law enforcement and are not in the least hesitant to prejudge these cases. to make clear before investigations are concluded what outcome they expect or demand. the politics of racial exploitation are broadened from the president's left-wing, including mayor bill de blasio. >> we're not just dealing with the problem in 2014 or years of racism leading up to it or decades of racism, we are dealing with centuries of racism. lou: it's remarks like those that have led union officials to
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accuse him of undercutting instead of defending the 35,000 men and women of the nypd. >> what police officers felt is that they were thrown under the bus after that press conference. that they were out there doing a difficult job in the middle of the night protecting the rights of those to protest, protect our sons and daughters. and the mayor was behind microphones like that's throwing him under the bus. lou: president obama joining him yesterday with the objection of the politics of racial exploitation into the it eric garner case. the president ignored his disregard for both the constraints of law and the selective enforcement of the law. take a listen to this presidential irony to put it kindly. >> when it comes come as we have seen in recent days, to our criminal justice system, to many americans feel unfairness when it comes to the gap between our professed ideals and how laws
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are applied on a day-to-day basis. lou: president obama building bridges. the president has no qualms of refusing to enforce immigration laws. no qualms about ignoring facts that show police in 2012 the latest data shows more whites were killed than blacks, 326 to 123. yet blacks that comprise 33% and whites that committed 64% committed murders last year. and so there are those that elevate these men to hero status, ignored and cynically exploit the tragedy of his death. and this past monday a 20-year-old named to the ferguson commission said to cheers from president obama at the white house.
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a convenient cop as the president made his case for more accountability. he was peacefully protesting in st. louis. yet wednesday he was arrested trying to push his way into the st. louis city hall yesterday charged with misdemeanor assault. surely the left could do better. but it is illuminating that this is all they have to offer at this important moment. now the quotation of the evening from the english clergyman frederick robinson. he says that there are three things in the world that deserve no mercy. hypocrisy, fraud, and tierney. the minister had it right. all three are in abundance. up next, the mayor of new york with the attorney general. the president helping to erode respect for rule of awe.
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lou: the new york city police department is furious with mayor bill de blasio being criticized for their service and accused of racism. the mayor making remarks like these showing a lack of support for police and putting race
10:35 pm
center stage in the air guard her case. >> the relationship between police and community has to change. the way that we go about this has to change. it has to change in the city and in this country. people need to know that black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives. what we have to aspire to. lou: joining us now is the former new york city police commissioner and the former corrections commissioner. appointed as the interim minister of iraq. it's good to have your. >> thank you. lou: your reaction to a mayor who said straight up that the nypd, new york's finest are racist? >> it's disappointing. the cops and the city go out every day and do their job, one that most people wouldn't have the courage to do. they respond to calls of violence 24 hours a day and they
10:36 pm
never ask what the race of the suspect is where the victim, they go out and they do their job and they do it better than anybody in this country, putting their lives on the line. from january to october there's been over 240,000 arrests in the city. and we had flipped the city upside down and turned every cop into a racist over one incident in which there's not one shred of evidence. the guy's daughter herself said that it's not racist. it's not about that. lou: it is stunning to hear the mayor talk like this. 35,000 folks who keep the city safe, including the african american community throughout the city. it is stunning that there is a quick leap to accommodate such nonsense by frankly the media.
10:37 pm
>> what surprises me is that this is a man that has lived in the city that should know and he should remember what the city was like 20 years ago. in the last 20 years the african-american communities in this city have any reduction by 85% in some places. anywhere from 75 to 85%. there were twin 470 homicides in 1990. so we were under 400 last year. the african-american african american community in the city is much safer than it was 20 years ago. lou: the former mayor of the city pointed out that under his administration deaths dropped from 4400 by 75%. and he pointed out that most of those victims were
10:38 pm
african-american and those were lives that the community did not lose some of that he doesn't seem to think that the police department is getting much credit for that. >> all you have to do is look at the media and the press and the comments. look at the so-called civil rights leader's comments because they are slaughtering the police department and if they were really concerned about civil rights, they should be looking at a federal level of the guidelines and the mandatory minimums and things that have an enormous negative impact on the black community. if you want to do something for the black community, that is where they should be working. lou: there's another thing as well because there is a relationship, as we all understand and agree. when people are dropping out of schools across the country, those high schools are not getting the education that they
10:39 pm
deserve and need in this society, they are dependent too often in some areas on public assistance rather than striving for the opportunities that they deserve to work. this is a mayor that should be working in focusing on those issues, wouldn't you agree? >> i would agree. 100%. lou: it's always good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: three term incumbent senator mary landrieu learned her fate tomorrow. she faces off in a runoff election against bill cassidy in louisiana. the latest poll showing senator mary landrieu down 24 points. she doesn't appear optimistic that she can keep her seat.
10:40 pm
>> should you not prevail on saturday, does that mean that it was your record that was to blame? >> i would imagine so. i would imagine that people would think that i just didn't work hard enough or deliver more for the state. but they decided to elect someone that they thought would be better. lou: she didn't mention any of president obama's policies that were also on the ballot in the midterms. as "the new york times" put it, her democratic base has eroded. coming up next, the dow jones at 18,000. the dow jones industrial approaching another milestone and more than 300,000 jobs greeted last month. it's not all good news, but it is coming up next ♪
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♪ lou: good things on wall street to talk about, and upbeat jobs report, the dow jones up, the s&p up three, the nasdaq up 11 points. volume on the big board 3.411 billion. the nasdaq down. the economy having 321,000 jobs, unemployment holding steady at 5.8% and president obama touting that jobs report.
10:45 pm
>> last month america's businesses created more than 300,000 jobs. this keeps pace so far this year that we have not seen since the 1990s. lou: he had to think about those numbers. this comes just days after the national debt surpassed $18 trillion. he didn't mention that. and a new report showing china has overtaken the united states as the biggest economy in the world in terms of goods and services. joining us now is ben mandel, an economist for city research. the president didn't seem excited about the jobs report. i mean come everything he talks about, he sounds so dour. i don't understand it. >> it's safe to say that the
10:46 pm
glass half-full has arrived at the party insofar as labor market. this economy has been struggling to have more than 200,000 jobs per month over the course of the past five years of this economic recovery. lou: but it has done so for the past 10 months. >> exactly. this is a good indication that maybe this time is different in the sense that maybe we will be seeing long-awaited above trend economic growth going into next year's. lou: will be the impact of $18 trillion on an economy that is slightly smaller than that $18 trillion? we haven't been here before and. >> that's true, the level is somewhat scary although it is important to note that the budget and the federal deficit has actually been improving quite substantially over the course of the recovery. lou: let me sound like an economist. [laughter] but on the other hand projecting in fiscal 2017, with the
10:47 pm
trillion dollar deficit. so what are investors to make of this? the macroeconomic outlook, what is your vision? what is your view? >> i think that the jobs data underscores strength for consumer spending which is two thirds of gdp. so if the bellwether for good economic growth. what we saw today was one of three pillars of strong consumer spending. as we have income growth and wealth, which is household net worth. lou: despite the fact that household income is negative from the beginning with the administration. >> that is true. what income has been fluctuating with is a narrow band. lou: now we have the conversation going. >> and today's job report had 0.4% wage growth which was a big
10:48 pm
number relative to the recovery speed on your view. household formation is one of the indicators that i think happens to be confident in that confirms the report of housing. what is your view? >> it is recovering slowly but steadily. and so since this is half of that, we have a slow recovery. so if you're waiting for that you'll wait a little bit more. lou: we have the broadest measure, as you know. it is a truck is. job creation even though this is robust, we have to have that, don't we? to inspire that three quarters of the economy as you described it to be driving this economy forward. >> i absolutely agree that it is
10:49 pm
an important part. the third pillar is lower gas prices. and we have some parts of the country at the pump with this and people tend to spend that over the next three to six months. so we should see that through the beginning of the next year. lou: good to leave it on a positive note. ben mandel. listen to our financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. and we want to hand out our "lou dobbs tonight" award for the wittiest remark of 2014 in the world of sports. this goes to the second-year head coach of the philadelphia eagles chip kelly. the former coach of the university of oregon, he faced a lot of skeptics about whether his revolutionary college offense would actually work in the nfl. someone asked if he was in the running for the opening at the university of florida, he said i
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don't think our pro offense will work at the college level. the oregon ducks taking on arizona's wildcats in tonight's factual championship game on fox networks. we are coming right back. >> on to number four, obama nominated gnashed harder to be his neck secretary of defense. k.t. mcfarland wonders if the president will actuall how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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lou: the obama administration has reportedlily considered sanctions seriously against israel for building settlements. josh earnest when asked by our ed henry if he's denying that sanctions are on the table, said this i'm very clearly not denying that we have strong concerns about settlement activity in israel. it has not and will not affect the united states strong commitment to the national security of the nation of israel. lou: joining us national security analyst kt macfar land. what in the hell is going on that the white house would respond that way? >> in washington lingo, he's confirmed that the
10:55 pm
administration is considering sanctions not against iran for developing nuclear weapons, but our closest ally in the region, israel. we've seen the steps from the beginning of the presidency. the first thing obama did when he gave his inaugural address, we want to have a new relationship with iran. the price for that will be a distant relationship with israel. and i think that's what we saw about a month ago when there were leaks in newspaper articles, that the administration in the white house, they were bad-mouthing the israeli prime minister. calling him all sorts of names. that's an indication that inside the white house, they've already concluded that the relationship with israel isn't nearly as important as the relationship with iran. lou: it's been clear for some time. but the special relationship between the united states and israel changed a year or two ago. >> yes. lou: and the fact of the matter is: this is too important a
10:56 pm
matter to be left to the whim of a unilateralist like the president has become. what are we to do? >> congress needs to step up to the plate. we're probably going to control congress. congress has been on the side of israel historically. israel is surrounded on all sides by dismaitionz nationd groups that want to destroy it. not one neighbor that has any ability to make a real lasting peace agreement with israel. so when us that we're going to have a deal with iran or we're negotiating with iran, no iran is clicking away on its nuclear weapons program. when the president says we hope to have the hand of friendship. the same time the supreme leader of iran is tweeting out ways to destroy israel. we're going to pretend they're not developing a nuclear weapons program, and we're going to pretend, look the other
10:57 pm
way. and they'll continue to do it. what will it do? dialogue endanger israel's position more than it has already is. >> an appearan opposition to us interest. whether it's syria or iran. no strategic response from this administration. becomes tiresome frankly. to look at an administration turning us postal on its head and without constructing any rational for doing so. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. where are we going with this? are we trying to get through tomorrow's headlines? is there a long range plan that the united states will be in this position. i met with my former kiskissinger alumni, when
10:58 pm
kissinger was there. they did opening to china. (?) armed agreement with the soviet union. now, there are 1700 people on that national council staff. what have they done? absolutely nothing except stir up a lot of trouble. >> a new defense secretary nominated, what is your judgment on mr. catter and what he can achieve? >> well, i've known him for 40 years. essay brilliant man. a gifted public servant. he knows the pentagon. he knows his defense systems. he'll be a terrific secretary of state. he has the skill set. work with congress, work with media. he can really work with the media. the question is, can he work with the president? the problem is not at the pentagon. it's at the white house. lou: this president uses up defense secretaries it seems in a hurry. four of them. as always. you at that.
10:59 pm
kt macfar land. racial politics is part what was severely askew in the liberal national media and the activist community and much of the democratic party. when those folks make heroes out of men that are more tragic than inspairl one with a rap sheet of 30 arrests. and another who strong-armed a convenience store owner just moments before punching a cop and trying to take his gun. their deaths could have been so easily avoided. so few people are taking view of that point. they would have been alive if they obeyed the law. mayor de blasio have directed the entire new york police force be retrained. perhaps they could extend their concerns for retraining to the entire community. leaders calling upon any and all citizens to always respect our laws and those who enforce
11:00 pm
them. it doesn't have to be complicated. it doesn't have to be tragic. that's it for us tonight. stay tuned for cavuto. thank you for w us. have a great weekend. good night from new york. neil: good evening. i'm neil cavuto. new york has a crisis on its hand this very night, folks. i'm not talking about the demonstration this week. still more to come. i'm talking about the mayor spurring them on. and to hear the head of the police union throwing cops under the bus. over the top and now out of control, to former police commissioner howard safer who has been following this closely. you know, howard, i'm watching this and following this. it's getting to be a trend and theme. are you worried? >> i am worried. i thought the mayor's comments were inappropriate. the mayor is supposed to bring the city together, not polarize. his comment about his son and his


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